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Tesla models still with highest autonomy in the global market

Tesla is still leading e-mobility autonomy with it’s Model S, Model 3 and Model X, go here to read more and see data in interactive chart.

We highly encourage readers to verify technical information on official automobile manufacturers websites as this chart is merely informative and data may change without previous notice. Data SourceConversion reference.

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EV’s under 33,000€ (Price starting at)

Visit our electric cars page for reviews and comparisons about EV’s autonomy, power, prices and models.

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Power conversion of electric vehicles with up to 100 kW

In this chart we like to share an idea of the power that each electric car model labeled in it could hold. Measure units: HP (horsepower) vs CV (horse of steam) and kW (kilowatt). Hover your mouse on bars to visualise data. Visit our page to read more.

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APS, Catenary-free-TramWay

Tramway Rio de Janeiro

We would like to showcase the APS ground-level power supply system a crucial infrastructure component as one of Lecco´s rage of products. Lecco became a site of Alstom in 2008. Now if your goal is to reduce footprints of light rail lines, APS may be your best choice, it will also help to preserve the aesthetics of urban environments because it is catenary-free-tramway.

Visit our Railwas page for more details about APS