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Electric scooters shaping electric mobility’s future

Electric scooters as key elements in the future of Electric Mobility; Razor is a leading company in this sector’s market offering it’s line of electric scooters, they have put together a wide variety of models to choose from depending on your specific needs whether you are an adult or a kid who may be better riding an easy-to-ride read full article here and tell us which electric scooter do you prefer.

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APS, Catenary-free-TramWay

Tramway Rio de Janeiro

We would like to showcase the APS ground-level power supply system a crucial infrastructure component as one of Lecco´s rage of products. Lecco became a site of Alstom in 2008. Now if your goal is to reduce footprints of light rail lines, APS may be your best choice, it will also help to preserve the aesthetics of urban environments because it is catenary-free-tramway.

Visit our Railwas page for more details about APS

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How was Electric Mobility MX born?

Futuristic 2D car design by Electric Mobility Mx

I’ve always liked ways of transportation, fast cars with internal combustion engines and the sound that a turbo system makes is just incredible. Nonetheless due to all negative impacts caused after using fossil fules I sight electric mobility as a great alternative for our well-being because we will have cleaner air (beautiful skies), less traffic and more passenger-friendly vehicles.