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Are Folding Electric Bikes a good option?

We will say yes, because they are not just impressive when you arrive at the office and everyone wants to see it, they are also perfect options for commuters, since you can easily transport on public transportation systems. 

With a 500w motor and a 48V/12.5Ah lithium-Ion battery it is possible to reach a maximum speed of 20MPH, depending on how much you weigh , extra items that you may be carrying, and terrain conditions.

The battery range goes from 40-50 miles with pedal assist depending on how much motor assistance you need, the less assistance you need, the further the range you’ll get. 

We have the following option for you:

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How was Electric Mobility MX born?

Futuristic 2D car design by Electric Mobility Mx

We’ve always liked ways of transportation, fast cars with internal combustion engines and the sound that a turbo system makes is just incredible. Nonetheless due to all negative impacts caused after using fossil fules we sight electric mobility as a great alternative for our well-being because we will have cleaner air (beautiful skies), less traffic and more eco-friendly vehicles.