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E-Mobility in Rio de Janeiro

MetrôRio transports 252 million passengers per year, making Grupo Invepar the number one transporter of passengers by Metro concessions in Brazil. Visit our Railways page for more details.

MetroRio Metro company in Rio de Janeiro Brazil
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Segway-Ninebot Electric Go Kart

Is a global company in the field of intelligent short-distance transportation and service robots. Segway-Ninebot aims to lead the users and the entire industry into the future, it is a worldwide leader in personal transportation. Within their products we can find electric scooters, electric Go Karts. Visit our shop to buy your electric wheeled device.

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Electric cars available in Mexican market, October of 2021

We made a compilation of most electric cars that can be purchased in Mexico in Oct-2021, all prices are in Mexican pesos starting with the most affordable to the one with the highest price in the Mexican market. Visit our electric cars page to see the entire list of EVs in each image with full screen view and more data about e-mobility.

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Tesla models still with highest autonomy in the global market

Tesla is still leading e-mobility autonomy with it’s Model S, Model 3 and Model X, go here to read more and see data in interactive chart.

We highly encourage readers to verify technical information on official automobile manufacturers websites as this chart is merely informative and data may change without previous notice. Data SourceConversion reference.